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Welcome to Father Geek, a website dedicated to any and all adult role models who teach children important life lessons through their geeky passion and hobbies by way of play. Better parenting through games and geekiness is our slogan and our goal. Father Geek reviews games from the perspective of Child Geeks, Parent Geeks, and Gamer Geeks. Put another way, all games are reviewed with new players, non-gamers, casual players, and gaming elitists. Father Geek believes games are an excellent medium to teach children (and adults) important social and cognitive skills. The game becomes the medium of the lesson and the game play the teacher. By participating in the games with children, parents and educators can further support the skills being taught, share in a positive experience, and obtain a deeper personal connection with all those involved. Plus, games are a lot of fun to play! Father Geek invites you to join us on our epic quest of raising children and follow along as we do our best to not mess them up. Father Geek also encourages you to share your own stories, tips, and tricks. WE ARE NOT EXPERTS (cannot stress this enough, according to my lawyer). There is a lot we can learn from each other, though. Perhaps, together, we can raise a Nation of Geeks who will bring about World Peace, free Internet, and Twinkies that actually cause you to lose weight!


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