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BGI is committed to developing and producing innovative & functional accessories for board games and those who play them. We have seen the tremendous creativity that many of you have shown in creating add-ons and player aids for the games you love. Until recently you were limited to the generosity of the community to post files, instructions, and materials lists for the talented DIYer or the brave at heart (but maybe not so safe in the workshop), to tackle . We believe that you would rather be playing the games you love instead of chopping up foam core, or re-purposing the lid of a pizza box to help make your gaming experience better. We are committed to honoring the integrity of the games we accessorize. We value the work that Game Designers and Publishers do to get these games to market. We do our best to keep all artwork visible, and game mechanics unchanged. The accessories we make, although game specific, are in no way endorsed by the game publisher or designer. It is our hope that the publishers find our accessories enhance their games, however, if that should not be the case please let us know. It is also our intention to do the best we can for the environment while still maintaining a business. All goods involved in the manufacturing process that can be recycled are. We work very hard to create very little scrap acrylic, going so far as to attempt to sell our circles and squares in order to reuse them, rather than see them go to a landfill. We use recycled goods in shipping where ever possible. Our inserts used to ship product in envelopes are laser cut from shipping boxes that have come to our house. Please join us and recycle or reuse your box, envelope or packaging if you live where that is possible! We are a grass roots business run by gamers for gamers.

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