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The truth in Roll and Groove’s mission statement, The Dogged Pursuit of Benevolence in Recreation, is that spending time in a leisurely, social atmosphere is going the way of the dodo in this modern age, yet should be pursued with much vigor. We move at the speed of light, information is fed to us at a rapid and erratic pace. It seems we have never been so connected, yet felt so isolated. I believe Social interaction breeds goodwill and charity by forcing us to learn about those around us; it brings people together. Particularly in tabletop gaming, whether it be in board games, card games, or RPG’s, you are engaged with a group of people, pursuing a goal (whether as a unit or individually), and working through rules interpretation, conflict, negotiation, discussion, and hopefully a dice cup full of laughter. It’s visceral, real and pure, unplugged, social interaction.

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